We have developed a proprietary, Excel-based biologics cost of goods model.  The comprehensive, accurate, and user-interactive cost of goods model contains several spreadsheets for the individual major cost drivers including materials, labor, overhead, and capital expenditures.  The outputs from each of these cost drivers are fed into a “Calculations” tab which also contains extensive process information on a variety of parameters including estimates and assumptions on market demand, dosing information, facility capacity, industry standard success rates, annual facility maintenance shutdown period, effective capacity, and number of batches necessary to meet demand.

The “User Inputs and Outputs” tab allows the user to enter up to 16 input variables on market and dosing assumptions, process information, operational criteria, and accounting treatment.  As variables are added to the model, outputs are instantly updated.  Outputs include demand and supply requirements and cost information, based on the input assumptions.  Extensive additional outputs can be included in the model to meet user requirements.  Most variables can be changed infinitely to allow for maximum cost of goods sensitivity analysis.


The model has been used by several organizations to determine the cost and supply impact of potential changes to their existing process; as well as to accurately determine the final cost of goods for commercial products.  The model can be used "right out of the box" or further customized to meet your specific needs.


Contact us for answers to your questions about the model and for information on obtaining a site-license.