Borealis Biotechnology is a leader in providing Business Development and technology assessment services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We have worked with pharmaceutical companies, large and mid-size biotechnology companies, contract manufacturing organizations, vaccine developers, and virtual companies in the U.S. and around the world to help provide business and technical solutions to a variety of challenges. Over the last 15 years we have negotiated many license agreements, manufacturing agreements, and partnering agreements. We have had the unique perspective of being both a buyer and a seller of technology and services. 


Through our extensive work with companies developing biologics, biopharmaceutical products, and vaccines we have developed a state of the art model for analyzing cost of goods manufactured for biologics and vaccines.  The Excel-based cost of goods model provides a wide range of demand, supply, and cost information based on the process, manufacturing, and market information provided.  The cost of goods model has been widely tested and has been shown to be accurate, user-interactive, comprehensive, and easy to use. 


We have spoken and published extensively on topics of relevance to the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry including biologics and vaccine molecular biology, process development, scale-up, and manufacturing.  We have also given presentations throughout the world on biologics manufacturing capacity supply and demand issues; key elements to include in a contract manufacturing agreement; how to negotiate contract manufacturing agreements; and have provided guidelines for determining a strong cost of goods analysis.


As your Business Development partner we see our role as helping you build or acquire the tools to advance your project and organization in order to give you a competitive advantage.